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The ISIA Board of Directors recently reviewed and considered HB 2703, which proposes to eliminate from the Freedom of Information Act the exclusion for self-insurance. Initially, it was thought that this bill only applied to local government. However, in reading the bill synopsis and full text, it is clear that this bill intends to eliminate the protection for self-insured plans:


Synopsis As Introduced 

Amends the Freedom of Information Act. Deletes language that exempts from copying and inspection: (i) any and all proprietary information and records related to the operation of an intergovernmental risk management association or self-insurance pool or jointly self-administered health and accident cooperative or pool; and (ii) insurance or self-insurance (including any intergovernmental risk management association or self-insurance pool) claims, loss or risk management information, records, data, advice or communications.


The House Labor Committee on 3/31/17 approved the bill along partisan lines on a 17-11 vote.  HB 2703 remains on second reading; however, there is a high probability that the bill will be voted on when the House returns to session next week, April 24, 2017.

Accordingly, if you agree with opposing this legislation, the ISIA Board recommends that you notify your organization’s governmental affairs contact. You may also wish to contact your respective representatives in the Illinois House and voice your opposition.